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Amber Personal Data Policy

As part of the GDPR regulations we have specific procedures in place to manage data. The sections below outline what we do and how it effects you.

To provide you with the best possible service it is sometimes necessary for us to obtain information from you. We will of course ask for your permission before hand.

You have the right to choose if you want be contacted by us for offers, news, and promotions, you are also free to change your mind at any time in the future.

You have the right to; see, edit and delete any of your personal information please contact the Amber office for more details on requesting your information.

Your data is stored on secure servers, limited data may be transferred as needed to other systems managed by us to perform specific tasks such as sending marketing emails.


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We don’t rent or trade email lists with other organisations and businesses. We do partner with local businesses as part of ‘Amber Loyalty’ so we can inform you of partner offers from time to time but at no point do we share your details with them.

Personal Data Policy (PDF)

All information is correct at the time of publishing excluding errors and omisions. If you wish to know more about any of these subjects please contact Amber head office.